To continue your pursuit of True North, take a few moments to watch Bill George discuss the powerful stories and lessons in DiscoverYour True North. Take a chapter-by-chapter journey where you’ll learn about relevant skills you can implement in your daily life to help you become an authentic leader. After you watch the videos, set some leadership goals and let us know about your progress.

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Take a Chapter-By-Chapter Journey

Chapter 1: Your Life Story

Your Life is Your Greatest Teacher.

Chapter 2: Losing Your Way

What Pulls You Away From Your True North?

Chapter 3: Crucibles

Challenging Times in Life Shape You as a Leader. We Call These Crucibles.

Chapter 4: Self-Awareness

Watch Bill George discuss how you can gain self-awareness and why it is so important for authentic leaders.

Chapter 5: Values

Watch Bill George discuss how authentic leaders follow their values.

Chapter 6: Sweet Spot

Watch Bill George talk about how you are most effective when your capabilities and motivations align.

Chapter 7: Support Team

Watch Bill George talk about how to build a support team and when you should reach out for help.

Chapter 8: Integrated Life

Watch Bill George discuss the importance of work/life balance.

Chapter 9: I to We

Watch Bill George discuss how important it is for the leaders of tomorrow to uplift others and focus on what’s good for the group.

Chapter 10: Purpose

Watch Bill George discuss how a purposeful life contributes to a leader’s success and happiness.

Chapter 11: Empowerment

Watch Bill George discuss how leaders empower other leader and unite colleagues to reach a common goal.

Chapter 12: Global Leadership

Watch Bill George discuss how a global perspective makes authentic leaders more effective.


Watch Bill George talk about the role that companies play in society.