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CNBC: Bill George: Trump will be an ‘activist president’

Discussing President-elect Donald Trump’s recent interventions in private enterprise with Bill George, Harvard Business School senior fellow and former Medtronic chairman. This content was originally published
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CNBC: Time Warner and AT&T deal in jeopardy?

Fred Hassan, Warburg Pincus partner & managing director, and Bill George, Harvard Business School professor, weigh in on if President-elect Donald Trump will redefine the government’s
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CNBC: The Working Person’s ‘Cry From The Heart’

The media has explained the election by creating narratives of the two wealthy New Yorkers who had contrasting beliefs on government, race and gender. A look
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CNBC: What Do Big Businesses Want Trump To Focus On?

Steve Odland, Committee of Economic Development CEO, and Bill George, former Medtronic CEO, weigh in on what a Trump presidency means for big businesses. With Suzy
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CNBC: New war on drugs: Pharma becoming ‘uninvestable’?

Bill George, Harvard Business School Professor and former Medtronic Chairman and CEO weighs in on the new war on drugs. CNBC: New war on drugs: Pharma
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CNBC: Bill George – How this Election Will Affect Businesses

Watch Bill cover policies affected by the election this November.   CNBC: Bill George – How This Election Will Affect Businesses from Bill George on Vimeo.

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