Discover Your True North with Bill George

Tayo Rockson

Bill George is the former Medtronic CEO, current senior fellow at the Harvard Business School and best-selling author of Authentic Leadership and the True North book series. Bill’s latest book, Discover Your True North, was published by Wiley on August 10.

Bill, also appears as a regular contributor on CNBC and sits on the boards of Goldman Sachs, Target, Novartis and the Mayo Clinic, is credited with having popularized the phrase “authentic leadership” to describe CEOs who are consistent and true to themselves as leaders.

Bill regularly counsels CEOs to be authentic leaders — leading some to call him “The CEO Whisperer.”

Bill and I discussed authentic leadership, ways to lead across cultures, some examples of authentic leaders today and in the past as well as how to find your True North. You all know how much I love to talk about global leadership so I particularly enjoyed this episode. We even got to talk about my personal hero, the late Nelson Mandela! Enjoy the episode here or below. Remember to subscribe, share and buy the book!

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